Ok, we know, you have questions about parking—specifically, you don’t own a car and want to know whether you can still buy at a condo at Onejoy? Sure, and we won’t even make you pay for a parking space! We have plenty of places to store your bike. And, there’s a UHaul Carshare vehicle parked right around the corner. There are also metro stops nearby with connections throughout Portland and neighboring towns.

And, for those of you who still own a car, we have plenty of options too:

  • We have two parking spaces available for sale. One is a tandem spot with room for two cars—one standard and one compact. The second is a single, compact space.

TANDEM PARKING SPOT (2 SPACES) PRICE: $60,000 - reserved
Compact parking space price: $30,000 - RESERVED

  • The association has a lease agreement for off-street spaces in a nearby West End parking lot. You can choose to reserve a spot for a monthly fee. The lease agreement is in place for the next ten years. Check with our sales team on details.

Reserved Parking available in Dermot Ct Lot

Reserved Parking available in Dermot Ct Lot

Reserved Parking available in Dermot Ct Lot

Reserved Parking available in Dermot Ct Lot

  • Oh yeah, did we mention that there’s a LARGE PUBLIC PARKING LOT RIGHT NEXT DOOR! The Brackett Street lot is owned by the City of Portland. Its restricted for use by the Reiche Community School from 7:00am to 4:00pm. After that, it’s open and available to the general public for free. Most nights, you’ll find a number of open parking spaces.

Satellite Site Plan.jpg

Finally, for the true money savers, there’s always free on-street parking. As a resident of Onejoy, you can receive a Zone 2 parking sticker, which exempts you from one and two hour time-restricted spaces during the day. State Street in front of Mercy Hospital might be your best bet for daytime spots. Overnight, you can park in any West End parking zone. If you’re willing to stretch your legs a little, venture to the other end of Spruce Street where the West End becomes mostly single-family—and view the vast expanses of unencumbered pavement.

How about parking on Joy Place? Well, that part is not allowed (check the condo docs). But, Joy Place is a private drive, not a public street. So, you’ll always have a convenient place to pull in to unload those groceries or pack up the car for that weekend trip